Why use an Architect?

Architects look beyond your immediate requirements and enable clients to see 'the big picture' more clearly.

Working with you to create a good brief, they can design buildings that are flexible and will adapt with the changing needs of your business, organisation, or domestic circumstances.

Architects solve problems creatively. When they are involved at the earliest planning stage, they gain more opportunities to understand your business, organisation, or domestic circumstances, develop creative solutions, and propose ways to provide value for money on your project, allowing you to spend your money where you need it  most on your project.

Architects can manage your project from site selection to completion.
In many building projects the role of the architect includes co-ordinating a team of specialist consultants such as landscape architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, interior designers, builders and sub-contractors. This allows you to continue with your day job whilst your architect looks after all aspects of your project.


When should I seek the advice of an Architect?

Whether you're dreaming of a new home or planning a complex commercial development, the key to ensuring that your vision becomes reality is the same - involve an architect early in the process.

Architecture involves much more than just buildings. Architects can take your vision and give it form, explore its possibilities, raise it to new levels, and then integrate it into your building site and the community at large. They bring knowledge, efficiency, environmental awareness, and significant design ability and experience.

The sooner you bring an architect on board, whatever size the project, the more fully your vision can be realized – even exceeding your own expectations.


Do I have to know what I want before I consult an Architect?

Absolutely not!
By engaging with you, an Architect can help you identify your needs and they are trained problem solvers.

Need more room for your growing family?
An Architect can show you how to plan your space more efficiently, thereby enlarging your home so you won't have to move.

Have a limited budget?
An Architect can also propose ways to get more for your investment than you imagined possible.

Thinking of tackling a Self-Build project?
An Architect can guide you and help you sort out simple and effective details that can be achieved on site.


Why should I use McGarrigle architects for my project?

We are a medium sized practice with 9 members of staff, but with the depth of experience and range of expertise and ages of a much larger practice.

We adopt a friendly, informal approach to projects yet still retain a high level of professionalism.

We are also competitive when quoting for a project.


Is any project too small to use an Architect?

No. Even a smaller project such as a front entrance, internal alterations or a bathroom can benefit from the forethought an architect can provide, especially if the project includes a number of conflicting constraints. Architects can confirm an approach, suggest the best materials to use, and help resolve ideas. Architects can also add a "design concept" to create something stylish out of a very ordinary brief.


How much does it cost to employ an Architect?

There is no quick answer to this frequently asked question. The fee is usually structured in one of three ways: as a reflection of the number of hours needed to do the work; as a percentage of the total construction cost; or as a fixed fee with a stipulated sum.

Sometimes, an architect will propose to bill the initial stages of a project on an hourly basis, as it is difficult to determine how much work he will have to do to reach agreement on your requirements, and produce an initial scheme, which meets your objectives.

The hourly rate and percentage of construction cost will vary according to the nature of the project and the services you require your architect to provide.

For an answer specific to your project, arrange an appointment with an architect who will determine the scope of your project and will provide you with a written proposal.

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