Modern Contemporary dwelling located in Ballasalla, Isle of Man.

A contextual design making use of the steep topography of a sloping site to create a split level dwelling. The bedrooms enjoy the benefit of the rising sun in the morning and the dining room and lounges enjoy the setting sun in the evenings. A family combined kitchen, dining and lounge area has an immediate breakout garden space to enjoy the views across the valley.

Farmhouse renovated into this modest, simple, classical family home.

A contextual design using traditional materials in a contemporary design set in a rural environment. 

Luxurious. Modern property located in Onchan, Isle of Man.

Concept design for a split level dwelling on a steeply sloping site using traditional materials in a very contemporary design.

Various private residential projects. Located in Ireland.

Alterations, Extensions and Refurbishments to Private Housing. Located in the Isle of Man.

Internal Alteration to create a modern and spacious orangery. Located in Douglas, Isle of Man.

Modern extension on a Farmhouse to create space and light. Located in the Isle of Man.

Contemporary extension and refurbishment to a traditional dwelling. The design was phased to facilitate an immediate extension and refurbishment but with the potential to incorporate a second phase extension at a future date to the rear of the property. Located in Lonan, Isle of Man.

An excellent extension and alterations to a traditional property where the space flows from the lounge into a garden room and then into the garden, creating a bright, naturally lit combined kitchen dining and informal lounge space. Located in Onchan, Isle of Man.

A modern extension to a contemporary dwelling in Foxdale, Isle of Man.

Bungalow Conversion. Located in Colby, Isle of Man.